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The design of the QR Code Boards

Website Discover Zaječar is devoted to the cultural and natural heritage of the City of Zaječar

Buildings, monuments, and various locations are usually taken for granted when passing by them. At first sight, we know their name and purpose, but if we go a little further, we will realize that we actually know very little about the city’s tangible cultural and historical heritage. This is a pioneer effort to tell the story about the most relevant buildings and locations in the city.

What is of particular importance about this site is the fact that it is linked to the locations it deals with through unique boards with QR (Quick Response) code. Anyone can use its smartphone to scan the code on the board and promptly access the page on Discover the Zaječar site to learn more about it. Thus, tourists and visitors of Zaječar will greatly benefit from this website.

In addition, you will be able to find on this website the exciting stories, anecdotes and urban legends from Zaječar.

If you want to contribute to the renovations and reconstruction of public spaces in Zaječar, you can also do so through this website by donating funds to a special fund titled Renewal, managed by the Foundation Step Forward and the Zaječar Initiative.

Website Discover Zajecar was made with the financial support of the Academy for the Development of Philanthropy in Poland within the Global Challenges Local Solution program.

Foundation Step Forward would like to express a special “Thank You” to Dr. Vesna Madžoski from Zaječar, who conducted outstanding research of the archive material to gather all information about the locations and buildings you can find on this site.

Finally, if you have some information about the Zaječar buildings and monuments that should be included in this website, interesting photos that would complement the texts found here, or you know some story about the city that more people should know about, please contact us.

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